Board of Directors

One-tier system


Patrimony Board Member


Independent Board Member


Audit Committee Member


Executive Directors: High-ranking employees responsible for making strategic decisions and executing the organization's business operations.


Independent Directors: Non-executive members of the board who ensure their independence by not having been recently employed in an executive capacity and meeting requirements to avoid conflicts of interest.


Other Non-executive Directors: Board members not falling into the categories of executives and independents. They may be employed by the organization in a non-executive capacity.

Ignacio Pesqueira
Partner, Galicia Abogados, S.C.

Norberto Aranzábal
Deputy Secretary
Partner, Aranzábal Rivera Abogados, S.C.

The average participation of the Board during the 2023 sessions was 88% attendance.

Regarding what we consider to be an independent director, in no case will the following persons: (i) executives or relevant employees of the Issuer or of the companies that are part of the business group of which the Issuer is part, (ii) people who have significant influence or control power in the Issuer or in any of the entities that are part of the business group of which the Issuer is part, (iii) shareholders who are part of the group of people who control the Issuer, (iv) customers, service providers, suppliers, debtors, creditors, partners, administrators or employees of a company that is a customer, service provider, supplier, debtor or relevant creditor, and (v) the persons who have kinship by consanguinity, affinity or civil relationship up to the fourth degree, as well as the spouses, the concubine and the common-law partner of any of the individuals mentioned above.

Audit Committee Members

Javier Arrigunaga (Chairman)
Chairman at Aeroméxico, S.A.B. de C.V.
4 years

José Cohen Sitton
Deputy General Manager, BabyCreysi
3 years

Juan Miguel Gandoulf
Director, Sagnes Constructores, S.A. de C.V.
25 years

Patrimony Board

Henry Brémond P.

Juan David
Member of the Board

Miguel Guichard
Member of the Board

Magdalena Michel
Member of the Board

Madeleine Brémond
Alternate Board Member

Monique David
Alternate Board Member

Magdalena Guichard
Alternate Board Member

Bertha Michel
Alternate Board Member

Alejandro Duclaud

Honorary Board Members

Henry Brémond P. (Chairman)
José Calderón
Ricardo Guajardo
Miguel Guichard
Esteban Malpica
Jorge Salgado
Luis Tamés
Pedro Velasco
Graciano Guichard M.
Max David