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So as to offer our users a secure and pleasant environment, we have established rules and terms that define the areas of responsibilities and rights, both for Liverpool and for the users themselves. We hereby inform you that by using our website, it is understood that you are aware of the present agreement and accept it and agree to observe these Terms and Conditions.

Use of this Website

The information, data, software, photographs, images, graphics, videos, logotypes, trademarks, names, commercial notices and any other material contained within the website (hereinafter known as “the contents”) are the exclusive property of EL PUERTO DE LIVERPOOL, S.A.B. DE C.V., and unless otherwise indicated, are protected by the industrial and intellectual property laws, both in Mexico and abroad. All of the contents are periodically reviewed and updated. However, such contents are offered merely in an informative context, with no guarantee, either express or implicit. Neither LIVERPOOL nor its affiliates and subsidiaries assume any liability whatsoever for errors or omissions in the information supplied by third parties other than ourselves. In no case shall LIVERPOOL or its affiliates and subsidiaries be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damage resulting from the use or performance of, or of errors or omissions in, the material, in spite of the fact that advance notification that such damages might occur is given.

The entire contents of this website are expressed only as informative reference with regards to Liverpool’s performance during the periods indicated, and not for any personal and/or commercial use. You cannot copy, publish, transmit, distribute, exhibit, modify, sell or participate in any sale or in any way exploit all or part of the contents. The illegal use of the contents of this website, including its reproduction, modification, distribution or transmission is strictly prohibited. You may download or copy the contents and other materials only in the cases in which they can be downloaded, and only for your personal use. No rights whatsoever on the materials or software downloaded as a result of such downloading or copying are transferred.

The combination of an extensive retail offering, an exciting shopping experience, a sound infrastructure and a focus on profitability allow us to serve and consequently, enjoy, our clients’ preference.

Security of the Website

Your e-mail and information that you provide is gathered to enable us to provide you with the services and for identification purposes only, in accordance with the terms of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties.

We therefore recommend that you take the following steps:

It is strictly prohibited for users to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website, including, among other things, the following: (i) to access data not intended for those users or to connect to a server or enter into an account for which the user does not have authorized access; (ii) to attempt to explore, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network, or to violate the means of security or authentication without proper authorization; (iii) to attempt to interfere with the service of any user. Violations to the system or to the network’s security can give rise to civil or criminal liability.

Information requests and e-mail alerts

In view of the fact that there is confidential information that cannot be shared, the information that Liverpool shares and which will be sent whenever the user so requests by filling out the respective form, will depend on the management of the information that Liverpool establishes internally. Liverpool therefore reserves the right for the sending of confidential information. With respect to e-mail alerts, some, but not all, of the information that will be sent to the users is the following: quarterly reports; quarterly press releases; and any other public document sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange and/or the Mexican Banking Commission containing financial information corresponding to the current period.


The website may contain certain references to Liverpool’s past, present and future performance, that should be considered to be good-faith estimates made by the Company. These references are limited to reflecting management’s expectations and are based on information that is currently available. Actual results are always subject to future events, risks and uncertainties that could impact the Company’s performance.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All of the contents of this website are protected by the Mexican Copyrights Act, international copyright treaties and any applicable legislation that protects the intellectual property in favor of LIVERPOOL, against any current or future form of reproduction and technology.

In view of the fact that LIVERPOOL is the legitimate owner of the contents, selection, coordination, modification and updating of the website, no person outside of LIVERPOOL is authorized to change, remove, delete, add to, publish, transmit, sell or obtain any direct or indirect benefit by exploiting part or all of our contents. However, you may use these contents for your own personal use, without commercial purposes.

All rights are reserved in favor of EL PUERTO DE LIVERPOOL, S.A.B. DE C.V.


Under no circumstances shall Liverpool be liable with the user or with any other person for damages or losses of any kind, direct or indirect, that could be derived from or related to the use or inability to use the website.